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At Central Coast Pharmacy Services, we understand it takes compassion to provide you with quality services that you deserve in fulfilling your medication needs.

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Who We Are

Central Coast Pharmacy Services is a full service pharmacy, including delivery, medication therapy management, compliant packaging and much more.

Where We Service

Central Coast Pharmacy Services serves all across California, from Monterey County down to the Central Valley.

Why Choose Us

Central Coast Pharmacy Services is committed to providing timely and professional services for all our customers.

A Message From Our Owner

Our mission is to be your pharmacy of choice because we understand you have options. We are confident that once you have engaged with our staff you will know you have made the right choice!

Welcome to Central Coast Pharmacy Services! For over 25 years, we have been servicing residential, assisted living and group homes across central and northern California. My love for pharmacy began when I was in high school as my father was a pharmacist and pharmacy owner. After high school, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in international business with a minor in German. I started a career in Silicon Valley working for a sales and marketing firm in the early 90's and lived abroad until I moved back to the United States in April 2006. With over 36 years of experience in customer service, I took over South Valley Pharmacy Services, Gilroy in May 2006.

The moment I entered back into pharmacy I vowed to use my customer service experience to nurture and ignite new relations. I am happy to report that business has grown into new service areas and relations are continuing to blossom. We have more than tripled in size at the same time retaining the integrity and utmost quality of services. In August of 2019 I opened Central Coast Pharmacy Services to better service Monterey County. It was an important decision as we were growing and the need to be close to our customers was critical so we could maintain the quality services that I committed to deliver. We now offer specialty medications administered at our facility as well as off site and on site clinical consulting services. Our compliance packaging is key in improving medication adherence and overall patient outcomes which can be key in alleviating hospital readmissions.

Our first priority is to fully understand your long term pharmacy needs in order for us to customize and fulfill your expectations. This dynamic environment of multiple doctors, managing and communicating drug interactions and allergies requires us to remain flexible but at the same time professional and consistent. We service the needs of all patients and facilities with multiple prescription packaging, accepting all insurances including Kaiser and workman's compensation. We will become the patient/care-giver's advocate in terms of obtaining refills with the doctor (s) and prior authorizations with the insurance companies. We deliver each day with accuracy and in a timely manner to all of our facilities and offer 24/7 after hour services for emergencies.

We hope you will join our pharmacy by allowing us to fulfill your pharmacy needs.

Thank you for your attention.

Dana Gove, Owner
Central Coast Pharmacy Services

What Is a Long Term Care Pharmacy?

The Central Coast Pharmacy Difference

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Our expert staff are ready to consult you on any questions you may have.


  • We specialize in blister packing medications in accordance to each care facilities specific needs.
  • Medication management on a continuous monthly cycle.
  • Medication administration records and centrally stored forms available with each monthly medication cycle at no additional charge.
  • Drug interaction information is provided with each new medication.
  • Approved site for sharps and medication disposal.
  • Certified staff for administrating specialized injections.
  • We provide medication administration care systems that can be updated in real- time (EMAR).
  • Our pharmacists are always available to assist and provide expert reviews and advise.

Personal Services

  • Free delivery of medication right to your doorstep!
  • We offer different dosing options to fit the needs of your facilities and patients.
  • We have expert staff ready to consult you on any insurance questions.
  • We are efficient in quickly obtaining prior authorizations so there are no out of pocket expense or delay.
  • Interpretation services is available for any language.
  • Medication therapy management (MTM).
  • Medication management training at your facility.

Why Choose Us?

We are confident that our dedication to providing quality services is unmatched.

Caregiver & Physician Communication

We provide the communication and coordination with caregivers and physicians to ensure medication is delivered accurately and on time.

All Care Communities Serviced

We service all care communities including; assisted living, residential, special needs, hospice and mental health and more.

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Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday

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495 Elder Street Suite 8/9
Sand City, CA 93955

T: (831) 383-5040
F: (831) 383-5045

Central Coast Pharmacy Services and sister pharmacy South Valley Pharmacy Services are owned and operated by Dana Gove. Dana, with her wonderful team, has been servicing residential, assisted living and group homes across central and northern California for over 25 years. She strives to provide the best services possible to all her clients.